Patio terrace window

Spacious patio terrace windows are very popular in residential construction. They meet the requirements related to energy efficiency and are safe to use. Collision-free opening allows for optimal use of the interior of the house, because the open shafts do not take up the space in the room and lighten it. An additional advantage is the possibility to equip them with anti-burglary systems. 
Regardless of size and weight, PATIO windows perform efficiently and are easy to handle. Depending on the system used they constitute a perfect exit to the balcony or terrace. It is also a practical solution for glass outbuildings and winter gardens that have recently become very fashionable. Their smaller versions fit perfectly in kitchens, rooms and office spaces.
The Roto fitting systems used for PVC and Aluminium profiles allow us to manufacture large-size products that meet the needs of our customers.

Universal use

In order to meet the expectations of those customers who want their windows to be as large as possible and their interiors well lit, special window systems have been created allowing to combine large windows into appropriate sets. Our windows are an example of such solutions. It is an appealing, practical product with a unique visual effect.

We offer the following systems:

Patio KS

Tilt and slide system with ventilation in tilt position

Patio PS

Parallel sliding system with or without microventilation

Patio PS Air

Parallel sliding system with ventilation in tilt position

Patio PS Air Com

Parallel sliding system with Comfort ventilation in tilt position

Pragmatism – the key to good solutions

Terrace windows have become almost a must have element in modern building design. Thanks to their popularity, today’s constructions have gained not only an appealing look, but also huge functionality. This, in turn, is a relevant argument in the decision making process among those customers for whom the visualization of the building plays an important role.

PATIO windows are a better way to connect a residential house with its surroundings, without neglecting its visual values. It is a good and noteworthy investment, which is becoming more and more popular among customers. 
There is no reason why you should give up extensive views and access to plenty of daylight in order to maintain good thermal parameters. Our products constitute a modern solution combining comfort with nature.

PATIO terrace windows are something more than comfort and usability. They:

  • ensure the interior has a modern look
  • open buildings up to the surroundings
  • optically extend the space
  • give a sleek look to the building
  • foster constant contact with nature
  • allow more light to enter the room, thus improving sunlight exposure
  • allow you to obtain very large glazings
  • enhance the aesthetic values of the interior and the appearance of the entire building