ALUMINIUM WINDOWS   ALU Excellent Superial 75

The Superial 75 profile is equivalent to a combination of high utility parameters, aesthetic values and resistance of the windows. The wide range of sections/profiles allows for the satisfaction of the need to create unusual straight-line shapes and complex arched structures. Freedom of design and the possibility of using various types of fitting make the windows of this system a universal solution for many of our customers. The design of the sash in two versions – soft (rounded) and modern (rectangular) – allows us to adapt them to the look of the house. High energy efficiency standard and wide range of glazings enable the use of windows of the Superial 75 system in energy-efficient houses and for thermal modernization projects

ALU Excellent Superial 75

ALU Excellent Superial 75


ALU Excellent Superial 75 przekrój

  • 3-chamber profiles with a thickness of 75mm for the frame and 84mm for the sash
  • Three-chambers central gasket
  • Two variants of design
  • Good static properties
  • Durability and resistance of the structure
  • Possibility to use ALU or PVC fittings
  • Possibility of creating a window with a hidden sash


parametry vector

  • Wide range of glazings up to 61mm
  • Air-permeability class 4
  • Uw from 1.08 W/m2k.
  • Wind load resistance - C5/B5 class
  • Watertightness class E1950


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