Your home always close to you.
PETECKI products have been created for the most demanding customers. This allows us to offer the possibility of creating a smart and fully automated home. Take advantage of all the possibilities offered by the modern technology and transform your house into an oasis of peace and safety. With the mobile application you can control roller shutters, blinds, awnings, gates and doors wherever you are. You no longer have to be afraid to leave your house unattended for a longer period of time. All you and your house need is Internet access. Comfort within your reach – these are the PETECKI products.


Remote home control – why do you need it?


After a hard day of work you don’t have enough energy to take care of your home and you would love it to take care of you? Now it is possible! The radiators will turn on automatically when it gets colder and a cup of steaming coffee will be waiting in the kitchen every morning! The lights in an empty room will switch off spontaneously and romantic light will always turn on in the right moment. Are you afraid to leave the house unattended for longer periods of time? Your modern smart home will make your neighbours not notice your absence! Safety sensors will always actively care for your family’s peaceful sleep. And all this will happen by itself, without your involvement. All you have to do is give your house a soul, it will take care of the rest.


Do you have a smartphone, tablet, laptop or smartwatch? That’s all you need to be able to remotely control your house from anywhere in the world. The mobile application offers you a friendly and intuitive interface, the possibility of personalisation and management of your home however you wish from a distance of hundreds of kilometers. The ease of use is our priority. Even if you’re not a mobile technology enthusiast, you’ll love our application.

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Great opportunities for personalisation.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Manageable from anywhere in th world.


You don’t you feel like getting up to lower your roller blinds, to close the windows or doors to your terrace? You don’t have to! All you need is a smart home connected to an innovative remote control system and a mobile device that is usually at your reach anyway. Close the doors and the windows, turn on the light without stopping to watch your TV. It’s not a joke, it’s perfectly possible!


Installation of the application is extremely fast, with just one click. You decide which devices you want to add and which of them you want to control remotely. You can change your mind at any time and connect new devices to your smart home. This allows you to have your house under control no matter where you are. And if an accident happens, your home will let you know in seconds. You will be the first to know about a burglary, flooding or fire and notify the appropriate services from the other end of the city or… of the world.


Comfort, safety and savings

PeteckiEU-Vector_DOM- Komfort


The Tahoma® Premium system is all you need to make your home just as you want it to be. Pleasant warmth in the evening, refreshing chill in the morning, a gate that opens and closes like with a touch of a magic wand. Your private paradise at your reach



With sensors and cameras integrated with your mobile app, you won’t miss any unusual behaviour in or around your house. You know there’s nobody at home and your app tells you when that it has detected a movement in your living room? Make the intruder stop feeling confident – program activities that will suggest that there are people in the house.


Roller shutters open on a sunny day and closed at night are a natural way to heat up a room and keep it warm for longer. You can make your house open and close the shutters by itself when the time of day or the conditions outside change. Integrated heating and control of external roller shutters is an even more efficient and cheaper way to heat your house. Take advantage of it!.

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