Sliding doors HST

HST sliding doors are a perfect combination of comfort and aesthetic values with modernity. It is a perfect solution allowing to create a connection between the rooms or winter gardens with an outdoor environment. They are a comfortable exit to the balcony, terrace or open space of the garden. They enable a very good connection with the environment, and in an open position they do not take up space inside the room, which further increases the comfort of their use.



Comfort and modern DESIGN

Discover the advantages of HST sliding doors


  • It is possible to create a construction up to 6.5 meters wide and 2.5 meters high.
  • The use of a warm inter-pane frame significantly reduces the risk of water vapour condensation inside the room and increases the thermal insulation of the entire window.
  • Possibility of using a motor-driven fitting.
  • Possibility of using several opening variants.
  • Safe, comfortable and easy sliding of the sash structure. 

Thermal insulation

  • Multi-chamber profile design.
  • Aluminium reinforcements for profiles with additional polyamide insulation spacers. 
  • Multi-chamber aluminium threshold with thermocline eliminating most of the thermal bridges.
  • A system of gaskets and brushes and a special labyrinth at the shaft connection guarantee maximum tightness and thermal insulation.
  • Two-chamber glazing units with the coefficient of up to 0.5 W/m2 x K.  


  • Possibility of mounting reed switches integrated with alarm system.
  • Possibility of using an independent key operated lock on one or both sides.
  • Possibility of using more anti-burglary hooks and burglar-resistant glass.


  • Low threshold.
  • Handle shock-absorber.
  • Possibility of using fittings provided with microventilation.
  • Possibility of using several opening variants.
  • Total opening space of up to 12 meters.
  • Sound insulation up to 42 dB.

Resistance – Quality assurance 

  • A system of profiles and mobile fittings for large sliding structures up to 12 metres long and over 3 metres high.
  • Mobile fittings guarantee easy operation and the highest comfort of use of very heavy sash elements up to 400 kg.
  • Special reinforcement system adapted to the type and size of the construction.


  • The modern look of the profile fits perfectly into any interior.
  • Possibility to choose from a wide range of colours and the possibility to combine shades.
  • Possibility to choose the handle in any colour.
  • Possibility of making large-size glazing with the opening function.

Select your COLOUR

*The full range of colours is available in the showrooms.